Axial fan, 600mm diameter, design B, 220V, blowing, 01046

Axial fan, 600mm diameter, design B, 220V, blowing, 01046

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Axial fan 600 mm, suction fan, suction, blower, axial fan, barn fan, hay ventilation, fan, 220 V, 820 W, speed: 1300 rpm, type: 4E-600B - 01046

This fan is affixed with the grating to the inside of the room. In this position, it blows air from the inside of the room to the outside.
The B in the headline indicates that the ventilator blows air from the inside out of the ventilated room.
Other fans from our product range in our online shop labelled S draw the air from outside into the ventilated room.


Technical data:

Power:                                 820 W

Voltage:                                220 V

Speed:                                 1300 rpm

Air capacity:                         10500 m³/h

Frequency:                           50 Hz

Power consumption:             3.7 A

Fan diameter on the inside:  600 mm

Volume level:                         78 db(A)

The hole in the wall should be at least 650 mm in size.
The square case has a length of 790 mm x 790 mm
The hole pattern to attach is: 735 mm x 735 mm
Blades, grid and frame are made of steel.


Weight:                                  23,2 kg
Shipping weight:                       26 kg


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