0.55kW low noise radial fan 3600m³/h, 400V, 11-62-2.8A 0.55kW, 01713

0.55kW low noise radial fan 3600m³/h, 400V, 11-62-2.8A 0.55kW, 01713

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0.55 kW low noise radial fan, centrifugal fan, intake fan, fan, axial fan - 01713

1430 m³/h - 3600 m³/h, 400V, Speed: 980 rpm, type: 11-62 2.8A 0.55kW 

Highly efficient, space saving and low noise centrifugal fan with great power 

The fan screw was designed to run with low noise 

This fan is e.g. suitable for extraction of exhaust air in kitchens or extractor hood. You can use it in canteens, guesthouses, restaurants, catering business, production equipment, chemical sector and for plastic machines.


Technical data:

Performance:                                                          0.55 kW

Voltage:                                                                   400 V

Speed:                                                                    980 rpm

Air performance:                                                     1430 - 3600 m³/h

Total pressure:                                                         240 - 230 Pa

Noise level:                                                             <60 dB(A)

Frequency:                                                               50 Hz

Power consumption:                                                1.8 A

Protection class:                                                       IP 44



Diameter of the intake (round):                                  195 mm

Outer diameter of the mounting frame at the intake: 315 mm

The mounting frame for the intake has 8 boreholes, each has a diameter of 10 mm



Output opening inner dimension:                                270 mm x 250 mm

Output opening outer dimension of mounting frame:  330 mm x 310 mm

The mounting frame for the output has 16 boreholes, each has diameter of 10 mm


The size of the mounting frame of the ground plate is 340 mm x 470 mm

The frame has 4 mounting holes with 10,8 mm x 19,8 mm each

Total dimensions (height x width x length):                   615 mm x 560 mm x 570 mm

The position of the output can be adjusted by moving the fan screw if needed. 


Weight:                                                                         40 kg
Shipping weight:                                                           49 kg


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