2.2kW high pressure radial fan 1160m³/h, 400V, 9-19-3.55A 2.2kW, 01714

2.2kW high pressure radial fan 1160m³/h, 400V, 9-19-3.55A 2.2kW, 01714

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2.2 kW high pressure radial fan, centrifugal fan, intake fan, fan, axial fan - 01714

860 m³/h - 1160 m³/h, 400V, Speed: 2900 rpm, type: 9-19 3.55A  2.2kW

This high pressure radial fan is suitable for venting following sectors: feed, grains, mineral powder, plastics processing, metallurgy, glas, ceramic processing etc.

The temperature should not exceed 80°C. The amount of dust and particles should not exceed 159 mg/m³.

The air should not contain corrosive or adhessive materials.


Technical data:

Performance:                                                          2.2 kW

Voltage:                                                                   400 V

Speed:                                                                    2900 rpm

Air performance:                                                     860 - 1160 m³/h

Total pressure:                                                         2554 - 2310 Pa

Frequency:                                                               50 Hz

Power consumption:                                                4.8 A

Protection class:                                                       IP 44



Diameter of the intake (round):                                  125 mm

Outer diameter of the mounting frame at the intake: 215 mm

The mounting frame for the intake has 8 boreholes



Output opening inner dimension:                                133 mm x 92 mm

Output opening outer dimension of mounting frame:  200 mm x 157 mm

The mounting frame for the output has 10 boreholes


The size of the mounting frame of the ground plate is 330 mm x 345 mm

The frame has 4 mounting holes with 10,8 mm x 19,8 mm each

Total dimensions (height x width x length):                   690 mm x 530 mm x 420 mm

The position of the output can be adjusted by moving the fan screw if needed. 


Weight:                                                                         40 kg
Shipping weight:                                                           49 kg


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