Basics of Beyond-Design-Basis Accidents (Severe Accidents))

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The main objective of this course it to familiarize course participants with the basics of initiating events and technological solutions for beyond-design-basis accidents including lessons learned from severe accidents Three Miles Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima.



  • From TMI-2 to Fukushima – lessons learned
  • Introduction to beyond-design-basis accidents
    • International and national classification
    • Basics of beyond-design-basis accidents
  • Specific design for Severe Accidents (SA)
    • Design requirements for SA systems -features of GEN III+
    • Diversity, redundancy and independence –preventive measures for SA 
  • Radiation protection during beyond-design-basis accidents
    • Phenomenology and radiological acceptance criteria
    • Specific measures for management or mitigation of the effects of SA
  • Methods for preventing and mitigating SA
    • Scenarios and analysis methods
    • Level 1 and Level 2 probabilistic safety analysis
    • Plant management during beyond-design-basis accidents


Target Group:

Experts and employees from the following areas: development, commissioning and maintenance for systems used for mitigation and management of beyond-design-basis accidents in nuclear power plants.



Advanced plant knowledge, several years of relevant work experience in a PWR nuclear power plant, are advantageous.



1 day

Other information:

Participants: 6 to 12 persons

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