fermentierter Tea (Oolong)

Balhyo Cha / Half-fermentiert Tea

Balhyo Cha / Half-fermentiert Tea



Premium Balhyo Cha (Oolong) from Bosung


Beakrok Balhyo Cha of Beakrok Dawon in Bosung

Bosung is one of the largest tea cultivation regions in Korea. The owner of the tea plantation of Beakrok, Mr. Beak Jong Woo is known as a pioneer of organic tea cultivation and activator for the dissemination of tea culture in Bosung.

He works together with the national institute of tea in order to constantly improve the quality, taste and handling of tea.

They produce not only premium teas, but also vegetable oils from tea seeds and various tea-containing products. The latter are currently very popular due to the active ingredients (catechins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and tea.



Balhyo Cha / Post-feremtiert Tea

Balhyo Cha / Post-feremtiert Tea



Premium Post-fermentiert Tea from Jeju

Samdayon Tea from Jeju

Samdayon is made from in Jeju ripened tea leaves which are inoculated with microorganisms from traditional Korean sauces.

It is matured in cedar drum and stored 100 days long in old basalt caves, in this time developed the post- fermented tea a unique strong aroma and taste.

With a cup of Samdajon feel the rich energy of a cedar forest.