4TUBE Screwable


Special designed  for  Tube Amplifiers
Screwable Version

Optionally with

  • screws           M4/M6/M8     lenght 10 mm
  • femal thread  M4/M6/M8     depth  10 mm

The MLA Technologie additional with 2 layers of cork-rubber.

The effectiveness of the 4Tube Variant:

- The transformers of Tube Amplifiers produce mechanical
  vibrations and so disturb the flow of signals in the internal
  boards and cables.

- These parts are major on the easier side of the amplifier

- So the 4Tube absorbers consists of 2 different types

- 2 absorber with more soft damping for the light side of the device
   results in an much better damping factor in this critical area

- 2 absorber with more hard damping placed on the heavy side

The layer model  from top to - down

  • Cork Rubber mixture
  • Massive Aluminium as separator
  • Cork Rubber mixture
  • Sorbothane
  • Natural rubber

Die Variants
  4TUBE-1  up to 22 kg
  4TUBE-2  up to 50 kg


4TUBE Screwable
4TUBE Screwable

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Set with 4 absorber

Screwable with following options

Screw                M4/M5/M6/M8  Lenght 10 mm
Female thread   M4/M6/M8        Depth 10 mm

Max. Max. load 22 kg
Height        21 mm
Diameter    44 mm


199.00 / set(s) *

Set with 4 absorber

With Screws M4 Length 10 mm

Max. Max. load 50 kg per set
Height        21 mm
Diameter    44 mm


219.00 / set(s) *
* Prices include VAT, plus delivery