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SVET Center (of scientifically investigated, mental methods of healing)


  • Recovery through purposeful modification of the human consciousness
  • Reorganization of the human organism and/or single organs.


  • Effective, practically proven methods for the healing of apparently incurable diseases and organisms
  • English spoken seminar schedule in progress!
  • All  books in english from authors Grigori Grabovoi and Arcady Petrov you can find also on

More information:

In the near future

medical practice will be changing insofar as it will evolve from a predominantly physical treatment of the body (treatment of symptoms) to a holistic consideration and treatment of physical, mental and spiritual areas in the organism (treatment of the sources), which includes the harmony between spirit and consciousness, as well as their restoration.

Whilst there are already several clairvoyant schools (“seer” schools) in Russia, such as the well known school of Grigorij Grabovoj student, Arcady Petrov, these techniques are still widely unknown in the western world, since there is hardly any (scientific) literature or expertise in German, English or other languages, available.

Neurologist and clairvoyant, Svetlana Smirnova, and her team have been working on this matter intensely and are now spreading their information and expertise in books and seminars to a wider audience, in the Russian-, German- and English language (translated) - in Germany, Europe and the western world.

The main features of this school are:

1. Areas in which information and materialization are created

2. Energy informative points of the spine - and how to work them

3. Recovery of the human organism by focusing on sequences of numbers.

4. Regeneration of organs

5. Rejuvenation of the human organism

6. Control of individual personal reality

7. Structure of the human spirit and soul

We are currently developing an international seminar/workshop-schedule,
and we are searching for pleasant locations/organizers worldwide.
Got ideas? Good!

Confirmed seminars in English will be found under the button seminars dates of this website.