BRW foams / covers

BRW foams / covers


Our foams:

For the processing of our berths and sleep systems we use these foams:

For our Contour slabs we use Visco

Our viscose foam is tested according to EN ISO 9001:1994.

For Chiro-Liegeflächen/Orthopädischen mattress and wellness mattresses we use open-cell polyurethane foam.

Our polyurethane foam is in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Product Class I pollutants

audited and may lead the Eco-Textiles Signet confidence.

Thus fulfill our foams that the human ecological requirements of the standard products for babies.


41.jpg klein_aloe.jpg


our covers

Quilted and quilted!

Starting in November, you will have the opportunity to choose among various benefits such as Micro Care, Silverline Micro Care and Aloe Vera.

Even then, each mattress an all around zipper.

Our standard covers are quilted for slabs from our polyurethane foam, since then the Micromassage

may have a greater impact.

In our Conturliege from Visco we as standard a quilted cover.

Change requests, please enter in the same order in the shop Notes for ordering and delivery.

  MicroCare Aloe Vera MicroCare Silverline Jeansstoff dunkel
Zusammensetzung ca.60%PES,40%CO ca.60%PES,40%CO ca.54%PES,45%CO1%Si ca.62%PES,38%CO
Gewicht ca.310g/² ca.310g/² ca.345g/² ca.211g/m²
Ausrüstung MicroCare Ausrüstung Aloe Vera Ausrüstung Microcare Ausrüstung  

Oeko Tex Standart100

Zertifikat 0910055

Oeko Tex Standart 100

Zertifikat 0910055

Oeko Tex Standart 100

Zertifikat 0910055

Oeko Tex Standart

Zertifikat 0006031

PflegeAnweisung waschbar bis 60°C waschbar bis 60°C waschbar bis 60°C waschbar bis 60C
Qualität 985700 985702 987191 Sophia Krt kk 210
Design TR6057 TR3015 TR4862 103255
Farbe L7 0 L7 270 L 74671 Black,Marineblau


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