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The class 610 designates two-car diesel multiple units with tilting technology of the Deutsche Bahn. In 1988 and 1990, a total of 20 of these two-car multiple units of the class 610 were ordered, which were delivered in 1992 and proved themselves in service. The trains found their home route on the line between Nuremberg, Hof and Bayreuth. The Pendolino trains ran there until they were taken out of service in 2014. 

9.95 *

GBE Series 628

The 628 series is a series of two-seater diesel engines consisting of one engine 628 engine and the 928 control van.
These vehicles are used in suburban and subordinate main trains in Germany. They are regarded as the successor of the railway bus.

Both versions, DB and Sylt Shuttle Plus as well as 4 tasks are delivered with the package.


2 versions, DB and Sylt Shuttle Plus
-Adjustable train destinations
4 tasks can be installed optionally:

-2x for Gerolstein
-2x For the marching track

Prerequisites for the tasks:

Train Simulator (Steam)
Trier-Gerolstein (GBE)
Marschbahn (GBE)

BR 218 Loco ADD ON (Steam)
European Loco and Asset Pack (Steam)

14.95 *

The BR 644 is a pure diesel train with 2 diesel engines.
The joints are designed as a carriageway over a Jacob-bogie. This BR 644 comes with SIFA and PZB90


++ Sifa
++ PZB90
++ Simple and duplicate pre-defined.
++ Adjustable train targets
++ Includes 2 tasks for the Rurtalbahn



Train Simulator

For the tasks:
The GBE Rurttalbahn 2.0

14.95 *

The GBE TEE Rheingold Express including interactive Schaffner.

Enjoy the ride with up
to 160 Km / h in the observation car, with or without interactive Schaffner, or accept
the responsibility as a driver for this unique train.

Another highlight is the interactive Schaffner. Here you can show their valid tickets
also during travel of de passengers in the observation car.

An absolute novelty and not yet been so since in Train Simulator.




++ Complete train

++ Complete train with Großraumwagen, panoramic car, compartment car,
  club car, dining car and the series 103 in the package.

++ Animated panorama car with interactive Schaffner
++ Standard panorama cars.

++ Sifafunktion
++ Rudimentary PZB (AWS)

++ 4 Included tasks, each 1x Marschbahn, 1x Dresden-Schöna and 2x Cologne Koblenz


Conditions for the tasks:

++ Train Simulator 16 (full version) (Steam)

++ Dresden-Schöna (GBE)
++ Marschbahn 3.0 (GBE)

+ BR 218 loco Add On (Steam)

++ European Loco and Asset Pack (Steam)




14.95 *

Enhancement Package Vol.1 Vizzart TEE

Please note, the package is not run standalone and sets the Vizzart TEE advance.

This package extends the Vizzart TEE to:

++ Animated panorama car with interactive Schaffner
++ Rudimentary PZB (AWS)
++ Sifafunktion
++ 2 tasks for Cologne-Koblenz

For the tasks assume:

Train Simulator 16 full version
European Loco and Asset Pack

3.95 *

The class MR and class MRD are classes of diesel multiple units (DMUs) built for the Danish State Railways (DSB). 
The class MR is an adaptation of the German class 628.0 and was first delivered in 1978. The trains were initially coupled as MR–MR carriages back-to-back. Starting in 1981, the class MRD was introduced to better accommodate passengers' luggage, and from then on the MR–MRD formation has been used. The trainsets can run in multiple, with up to five carriage pairs in a train having been used. 

This addon contains the MR and MRD DMU in silver with old and new DSB Logo as well as in Arriva Color.


+ Deathman System

+ ATC (Denmark)

+ changeable train destination display

+ switchable instrument lighting



14.95 *


The class X31K/ET

The trains of the class X31K (Swedish name) or ET (Danish Name) were delivered from 2000 to the SJ and the DSB. Originally ordered for the Øresund connection from Copenhagen to Malmo, their operational area has now been extended, so that these railcars are now found in large parts of southern Sweden and east Denmark.

Although the trains are not exclusively used only on the Øresund connection, their nickname is still "Øresundståg" (Øresund Train).

Today, roughly the half of the trains are owned by the DSB and the other half Transdev.  


+ ATC (Danmark)

+ ATC ( Sweden)

+ Deadman pedal

+ High beam light

+ changeable destination board



Manuals in D, EN. DK,SV

13 Euro  corresponds to approx 97 DK or 138 SEK

14.95 *

This addon contains the class AR railcar in Arriva's color design as driven in Denmark. For the first time in trai simulator history a Lint has been developed according to the Danish model. Therefore, Danish features such as the train control ATC are of course included. Two scenarios  for the route Nordfriesland Vol.1 are also included.

14.95 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery