Taigatrommel : Rubble toEhrang part 1

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Taigatrommel : Rubble to Ehrang part 1

You drive the BR 120 (Taigatrommel, also known as RB V200) this morning with a couple of cars to Ehrang station. Then we continue to Auw to bring wagons with overburden to Ehrang from there. On the way you have to reckon with a few red signals.. that's the way it is with freight traffic.

This task is based on the condition of the route in April 2022. The departure times of the passenger trains essentially correspond to the real timetable.
Difficulty level: 2
Duration of the scenario: approx. 40 min.


- GBE route "Trier - Gerolstein"
- GBE BR120 (Taiga drum, also known as RB V200)
- GBE BR628 (is included in the route "Vogelfluglinie", is required for AI)
- GBE BR120 (Taiga drum, also known as RB V200)
- Elap (included in virtually every Train Simulator installation)
- A loud alarm clock (since the departure is at 5:32 a.m., you should be well rested)

By the way... if a loud ticking sounds annoying when driving the "taiga drum", then use the built-in hearing protection (CTRL + K).


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