GBE Extra 1

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GBE Extra 1
GBE Extra provides you with 4 new and exciting scenarios for the Dresden Schöna route. Experience the exciting everyday life on the Elbe Valley Railway in long-distance and local traffic.
- Train Simulator 2018
- GBE KBS 241 Dresden Schöna
- European Loco & Asset Pack
Terms of reference:
GBE-EX1 + EC 173 Hamburg Budapest
You drive the Eurocity 173 Hamburg Budapest from Dresden to Bad Schandau. Pay attention to your timetable, because after all, your train has a long way to go through 3 countries.
GBE-EX1 + S1 In the after hours
In the middle of rush hour drive the S1 from Dresden to Bad Schandau. There is a lot of traffic. Bring your passengers safely and punctually to the well-deserved end of workday.
GBE-EX1 + S1 late shift
You drive the last S-Bahn of the day from Schöna to Dresden, where you will be replaced by your colleague.
GBE-EX1 + special trip to the Striezelmarkt
In Bad Schandau you take a special train from Prague and Vienna with a historic locomotive. Bring your passengers safely to the world-famous Dresdner Striezelmarkt. As a special train you have only a very small priority ...

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