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Trains and Stories Vol. 2

are captivating tasks with suitable rolling stock from the everyday life of the train driver.

Vol. 2 "The BR 245 on the Marschbahn in DB and in Schleswig Holstein Design"

Do your job as a train driver on the BR 245:

- Train Simulator 2020 (update or full version)
- GBE March 3.0
- BR 218 Loco Add-On (Steam)

Welcome to the Marschbahn.

Task descriptions:

GBE [BR245] Off to the weekend
Many weekend vacationers are on the way to the island of Sylt. 
Relief trains between Hamburg and Westerland are even used for this. 
You drive a regional express from Hamburg from Husum via Niebüll to Westerland. 
Make sure that vacationers arrive on time on the island ...

GBE [BR245] end of season
In the middle of autumn you drive an intercity from Husum via Niebüll to Westerland. 
The season is over, which means for you that you don't have to maneuver the coaches in Niebüll.

GBE [BR245] island commuters
Many people commute by train to and from Sylt every day. 
Additional trains run for commuters at peak times. In the evening you will drive one of these trains
 from Westerland via Niebüll to Husum.

GBE [BR245] winter wonder
Even in winter, the railway is the lifeline of the island of Sylt. You now have the opportunity 
to get to know the route in winter and take a regional train from Husum to Westerland.

GBE [BR245] Express to Hamburg
The next trip begins shortly after your breakfast break. You take over a regional express 
from Westerland to Hamburg. You will drive this train to Husum.

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